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Check out his channel here: Type Tips Dislaimer: These are all quotations and from Type Tips. ENFP – Twinkle in eyes – Toggle their eyes because of exciting possibilities – Appears manic – Looks like there’s a desparate need for inner peace – Playful and perky energy – Resting, smiling face (corners of the mouth life upwards and returning back into a smiley face) – Dresses loosely and carefree, liberated kind of feel – Half are actually subdued or quiet even if they’re described as bouncing off the walls – Self-assuredness in the eyes INFP – Soft, teddy bear like energy.

very attractive and a great way to boost my self-confidence. They prefer an earthier and homey kind of look – A lot dress like they’re in the 1940s, which is when clothes were classy yet down to earth – Just smile enough, and not exaggerated ENFJ – Dimensional in expressiveness – Dramatic looking folks; eyes are intense and expressive; fierce looking – Even if they’re bored, eyes convey a lot of intense emotions – Glazy, gleamy eyes which conveys a lot of depth and soul – A bit of unpleasant look – Can be elegant looking but dramatic – Dreamy eyes but it looks like it’s directed towards an agenda; eyes are not focused on the now – Looks determined INFJ – Looks like nice and gentle people – Eyes are pretty wide open – ELEGANT; Ooh La La look – Dreamy, starry eyes; looks like dreamers ESTJ – Skeptical and stern look – Appear to be smirking and smiling at first like ESFJ, but goes back to stern look – Lack elegance in their look; earthly beings – Dress with a professional air – Look that looks like they’re totally in this world and not to the future – Intonation of speech makes them sound practical ISTJ – Consonant, practical sounding tone to their voice – Looks self-content and calm on the eyes and on their one-sided smile that doesn’t look totally sincere – Looks like they’re hiding the secrets of inner peace – Looks relaxed but can also look mistrustful or angry – Disliked being touched or kissed – Homey and cozy look (wears sweaters) – Earthy, informal, self-assured, tranquil look ESFJ – Biggest smiles, whole face smiles – Eyes that light up the room – Goody-goody kind of look, look like friendly puppies – They don’t smirk as often as ENTPs and ISFJs ISFJ – Tranquil eyes and energy – Contented look – Broad smile – Has a contained extrovertedness – They come off like gentlemen or lady-like – Smile looks like a smirk which means playfulness (can be pranksters but not too heavy) ENTP – Science-y look, glasses are befitting – Subdued smile, a small one-sided smirk – Up-to-no-good kind of eyes as if they’re hiding something – You can’t take them seriously kind of vibe – Even if you’re talking to them, they look like they’re looking off somewhere else – Nervous, franetic energy, looks unsettled – Place body in weird positions that don’t exist in normal human beings. And today, I’m just gonna outline and compile what Type Tips said about spotting different MBTI personality types from the outside. like you want to pet them – Has a strong on/off switch from being approachable – Kind of sinking feeling as if feelings are being soaked inwards – Squishy, oozy Center, meek and frail look – Sincere look in eyes with inner warmth – Weak energy – Soft, assured kind of look which gives them confidence – May have an artistic look, but not like INFJ. So when it comes to incorporating spiritual disciplines into my life, I’ve gone through several phases. The problem is that rarely can I carve out the 45 mins or more required to make a consistent pattern of documenting my every spiritual thought and deed. Among other things, for those who are familiar with the Meyers-Briggs Personality Assessment, you recognize these letters as indicating an unstructured personality. Blue, well, you just like blue so it becomes the “holy crap! I can go back to those entries and see how God’s been at work.

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