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The problem with this is that valid values for $res are: a mysqli_result object , true or false This doesn't tell us that there has been an error with the sql used.

If you pass an update statement, false is a valid result if the update fails.

As far as I can tell the two escape functions don't escape the same characters, which is why you need both (the first for SQL and the second for HTML/JS).

I had to set mysqli_report(MYSQLI_REPORT_ALL) at the begin of my script to be able to catch mysqli errors within the catch block of my php code.

The reason for this is that mysql_connect not working as expected a further connection returns.

For details about the way that error information is defined, see the My SQL Internals Manual.

could any one tell me how i can error check the update query and only print Success if the update query was successful without any error?

$value) $about_me = $info['about_me']; $profile_pic = $info['profile_pic']; $econ_views = $info['econ_views']; $religious_views = $info['religious_views']; $abortion_view = $info['abortion_view']; $gay_marraige = $info['gay_marraige']; $other = $info['other']; $political_party = $info['political_party']; //Connect to database require 'db.php'; $query = "UPDATE `users` SET `about_me`=$about_me, `profile_pic`=$profile_pic, `econ_views`=$econ_views, `religious_views`=$religious_views,`abortion_view`=$abortion_view,`gay_marriage`=$gay_marraige, `other`=$other, `political_party`=$political_party WHERE `username`=emoore24"; echo "$query".""; $result = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error()); echo "success" UPDATE `users` SET `about_me`=about_me, `profile_pic`=, `econ_views`=test econ, `religious_views`=test rel, `abortion_view`=test abortion, `gay_marriage`=test gay marraige, `other`=test other, `political_party`=democrat WHERE `username`=emoore24 UPDATE `users` SET `about_me`='about_me', `profile_pic`=NULL, `econ_views`='test econ', `religious_views`='test rel', `abortion_view`='test abortion', `gay_marriage`='test gay marraige', `other`='test other', `political_party`='democrat' WHERE `username`='emoore24' NULL ); $query = "UPDATE `users` SET `about_me`=:about_me, `profile_pic`=:profile_pic, `econ_views`=:econ_views, `religious_views`=:religious_views, `abortion_view`=:abortion_view, `gay_marriage`=:gay_marriage, `other`=:other, `political_party`=:political_party WHERE `username`=:username"; if (($stmt = $pdo-$query = "UPDATE `users` SET `about_me`='about_me', `profile_pic`='$profile_pic', `econ_views`='$econ_views',`religious_views`='$religious_views',`abortion_view`='$abortion_view',`gay_marriage`='$gay_marraige', `other`='$other', `political_party`='$political_party' WHERE `username`='emoore24'"; =, also looks wrong.

I run my queries by hand in a mysql IDE or mysql command line editor to see what the issues are.

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If you've already submitted a request, we'll close that request and take a look at this one.

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In the case of radiocarbon dating, the half-life of carbon 14 is 5,730 years.

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The stunning claim was made by Norman Lear, who knows Walker, 69, from his stint as the executive producer of Good Times. 'The two have been seen together in public in recent years, though Coulter insists they are just friends.

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All of these decisions lead us to raising the heritage breeds of: and several other mixed breeds of animals, most of which follow the heritage breed lines. There is lots of bacon on our hogs—32 pounds on average!

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This morning, I received an email from someone at a website called Wallet Hub, and she had this to say: Some singles are closer to a happily ever after than they think, but it depends on where they live. Our data set ranges from the percentage of singles to the number of online-dating opportunities to the number of attractions in each city. Fascinated, I read on for the list of the top ten cities. God knows what would happen to me there, but at least if a 15-foot gator had me in its jaws, I’d feel something other than this eastern Florida dread. Orlando is the place where I witnessed an unhinged woman scream at a Mc Donald’s drive-thru attendant about orange juice, and realized it was one of the most charming things I had seen during my entire stay. San Francisco is cool, but more expensive and douchier by the day. Home of boring rich people who aren’t even cool enough for Phoenix, much less Tempe? ), crime rate, number of shopping centers (apparently this is a good thing), parks, cafes, “attractions,” and percentage of single people.

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Abc, Children, and Army Injures Eleven Palestinians.

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