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Screen Updating = False For r = 1 To 100 For c = 1 To 12 a = Cells(r, c).Address Cells(r, c) = Get Value(p, f, s, a) Next c Next r Application. Sub Loop Fill Range() ' Fill a range by looping through cells Dim Cells Down As Long, Cells Across As Long Dim Curr Row As Long, Curr Col As Long Dim Start Time As Double Dim Curr Val As Long ' Change these values Cells Down = 500 Cells Across = 200 Cells.Clear ' Record starting time Start Time = Timer ' Loop through cells and insert values Curr Val = 1 Application.Working on the sheet I would do a quick Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V on a piece of the chart (or the whole thing) to force the chart to update. Based on the work arounds posted I came to the following actions as the simplist way to move forward... When I zoom in or zoom out, I can get the expected results. The refresh may not be necessary - more testing needed. Anyway, let's cut to the solution: I didn't want to visibly change the chart title or some other aspect of it, and anyway I noticed this wasn't updating my charts consistently. Screen Updating = True End Sub So, the sheet named Charts Data, which references the custom function cell of Sheet 1, will do a recalculation AFTER the Compute Score() function has updated the cell of Sheet 1, since Worksheet_Calculate() fires after the Compute Score() recalc. Select 'Forwhatever reason a Select statement was needed . What I eventually had to do was to break out the querydef creation and the property setting into separate subs. This is the only thing I've found to consistently update a chart. Click on the graph you want update - Select CTRL-X, CTRL-V to cut and paste the graph in place... This a great solution because it updates 1000 graphs at once without looping through them all and changing something individually. So I post the solution here if it interest someone. Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Repaste Charts() Dim Str Temp As String Dim Int Temp Top As Integer Dim Int Temp Left As Integer Set sht = Active Sheet For Each co In sht. Activate 'Grab current position on worksheet Int Temp Top = Active Chart. Dim chrt As Chart Dim chrt Vis As Xl Sheet Visibility Dim sht As Worksheet Dim b Chart Visible() As Boolean Dim i Count As Long Dim co As Chart Object On Error Resume Next Set chrt = Active Chart If Not chrt Is Nothing Then chrt Vis = chrt. Visible = xl Sheet Hidden End If Set sht = Active Sheet If Not sht Is Nothing Then Re Dim b Chart Visible(1 To sht. Sometimes the first time I triggered the calculation the pies would update, but with subsequent calculations the pies would not. This additional round of calculation of the chart data causes the chart to update now, rather than later or not at all. Additionally, I put a I had a similar problem - Charts didn't appear to update.

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If it's a named range, that could conceivably be reasonably clean. My solution has been to make all charts on the active sheet invisible before the change in data, then make them visible again and call chart refresh for good measure. I change a cell value which contains, for example, the date range to base the dashboard on, and the named ranges and UDFs are forced to calculate. It cuts the root cause of the problem (I assume): the series data is getting cached in the chart. Also, I'm not really sure why this works; I suppose when Wrap Text changes one property of the data range it makes the graph update, although I have no documentation on this. Programmatically, I added this after generating charts : Ok I have a solution, really.... I did notice, however, that every time I made a change in the code my dashboard worked. The setting of Enable Events and xl Manual keeps infinite recalc loops and other event problems from occurring. I tried just about everything on this thread with no luck. By forcing the chart to re-evaluate the series, we are clearing the cache. 'Refresh all charts For Each mysheet In Active Workbook. I found that the problem with my charts not updating first occurred shortly after I had hidden some data columns feeding the chart, and checked "show data hidden in rows and columns" in the Chart's "Select Data Source" msg box). Thus: Solution: I faced the same problem with my work last week when I added some more calculation to my sheet. I had this problem and found that it was caused by having two excel applications running at the same time. I finally realized that the charts that I was copying and pasting were linked to the source data, and that is why they were all showing the same results. Sub Array Fill Range() ' Fill a range by transferring an array Dim Cells Down As Long, Cells Across As Long Dim i As Long, j As Long Dim Start Time As Double Dim Temp Array() As Double Dim The Range As Range Dim Curr Val As Long ' Change these values Cells Down = 500 Cells Across = 200 Cells.Clear ' Record starting time Start Time = Timer ' Redimension temporary array Re Dim Temp Array(1 To Cells Down, 1 To Cells Across) ' Set worksheet range Set The Range = Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(Cells Down, Cells Across)) ' Fill the temporary array Curr Val = 0 Application.

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First of all, I think it’s important to ask why would someone want to use Word Press as a platform for a dating site?

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I am perpetually indecisive about even the most mundane things, and I couldn’t imagine navigating such a huge life decision so quickly.

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Australia's first simulated cyber security "game" was set in 2022 and explored two equally unpalatable cyber attack scenarios in the hopes to prepare governments and businesses for the inevitable.

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Over time, rules about sexual abstinence grew out of the belief that sexual intercourse makes a person "unclean," based largely on the belief that women are less pure than men and hence constitute a form of ritual contamination.

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Unlike normal speed dating where the men stay seated and the women progress, everyone would be swapping stations each round so that they would get to play each different game with a different partner.

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Cold sores can also appear on the fingers, this is referred to as ‘Herpes Whitlow‘.

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Schneier was the only member of the Jewish delegation to show up. ’ The next day, there was a hip-hop summit with Will Smith, Puffy, Eminem — everyone — and the keynote speech was delivered by Farrakhan. “We Refuse to Be Enemies” was recently adopted as the program’s slogan. “But doing that showed me that if there’s a will, there’s a way.