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rasanya jdi ingat masa SMA dulu, pernah jd org ktga ky wonwoo, gk sma persis cmn ada kemiripan. seolah gak punya beban idup, atau idup dia seluruhnya cuma gurauan dan lelucon. entah gak sengaja typo atau emang cara nulisnya kayak gitu. meskipun ini ff gada hubungannya ama tindak kriminal atau bau detektif or such, aku pengen bilang ini suspense untuk bagian bikin penasaran dan tegangnya. tapi kalo predebut wonu malah yg suka peluk peluk mingyu dluan. malu malu kucing :v ini chapie gak sepanjang sebelumnya ya. makanya kamu juga buruan dating lah biar gak ngenes mulu idupnya x D lalu kamu yg ngarep jun ditolak si cewek, itu gak jahat.

dimana nggak nganggap si cewe utama ada, seolah dgn kptusan itu smua akan brjlan baik. ngeliat karakter dk di sini lama lama kayak tokoh penting gak penting yg suka muncul di drama korea. dan mingyu emang gak nolak, tapi dia gak bales juga.

I think run better as a coward and return as a better man from the experience with 3k in the pocket.

tp nyatanya enggak saat aku sadar aku hnya org ktga dari cinta smpurna milik mrka.

ak hnya tmpat persinggahan ktka dia bosan dengan pacarnya.

Don't worry lah i not going geylang mum when i said that. " i muttered yet again, trying to give a very calm answer."You're welcome good bye! I wondered if i could really work out something with someone i had in mind. And to the pple who think i put punctured lung for fun...i've actually gone for X-Ray at SGH lah... Firstly allow me to add that expectations is a funny thing...sometimes you expect so god damn high until you feel like you on cloud nine..kidding..all of a sudden you feel kannina down and and...forget it....

Mum cried abit sia and i was touched hahah.ur dear old momma boi's gonna by a man now. Bear in mind i'm astonished that despite calling like almost close to 9pm at night, they still have to greet you politely, god damn that's some good customer service i felt."Errrr... I would like to check with CMPB if there's anything wrong with my enlistment date? According to what they said they should've sent in much earlier becasue it's almost 2-3 wks late in the letter's arrival..i just wanted to check." i gleefully explained."That's early! At this point i could feel zero intelligence in her answer to my question and mixed up with only pitfullness and sarcasm all rolled into one like a well rolled popiah with its fillings well spread out."Sir i've checked and there's nothing wrong with your enlistment date and yes it's June 3rd" she added."Sooooooooo....there's nothing wrong with my date??? The 2mths notice doesn't mean it applies for all cases." she replied."Arhh i see..right thank you! I thought i had more time, to do more, perhaps to even work PT to earn some petty cash..that day was not to be. And to that special someone: I wish you all the best when u leave for M'sia, i told ya that one of the greatest regrets was not knowing you well enough nor earlier..it still is...i'm glad i've known u lah..u're one of the nicest gers i've known out there..truly and sincerely! Duno why u guys like to read such long posts anyway! Wahaha don't mess with girls....sometimes they're so effing good with this kind of stuffs...*Grins* and points at ------- this is not Felix, but it's Geraldine!

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